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PRO TIP: watching “how it’s made” is SUCH a good way to combat an anxiety attack! There’s soothing music, a soothing narrator who’s intonation never changes (narrators never yell or change their speaking pace), it’s engaging enough to keep you occupied but doesn’t force you to think too hard!

also sometimes the narrator makes bad puns

Archive of How It’s Made Episodes on Project Free TV

Wow I can’t even handle how much I care about & love my boyfriend

Talking last night about wanting to end up together last night and wanting to live together in 2 years 😳
This kind of talk with anyone used to frustrate me and scare the shit out of me but with him it feels so right 😊😊
And thinking about the future doesn’t scare me like it used to.
I’m not expecting to end up together but I’m hoping life is good to us ..
Heh I asked for a ring for my birthday and told him I’d wear it on my ring finger so guys who think about hitting on me will run the other way when they think I’m engaged 🙊

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